About Love You Cakes

The birth of Love You ❤️ Cake is special—from the undying passion of Mrs Asha Nanda for baking cakes. She always loved baking cakes. It was more than just a hobby. It was about following genuinely what her heart whispered her to do. But that did not just stay with baking normal cakes. The passion to create her own signature in the area of baking made her amble across paths that she never knew even existed. It was there she stumbled upon the idea of edible artistry—an ingenuous form of blending art with baking cakes. It was right there she found her heart realizing its most resonating chords with baking. For her, it was just the beginning of the most beautiful journey that she would embark upon. Mrs Nanda began experimenting with baking cakes and became a master of the art. That’s was when the idea of Love You ❤️Cakes was born.

At Love You ❤️ Cake, we bake cakes with utmost care and dedication for the art. We know that cakes are for consumption and make every effort to make it safe for everyone. In order to do that, we source the raw materials only from trusted local vendors directly. We also do not add any type of harmful preservatives or additives to make the cake look or taste better. For us, edible artistry is a passion and we make every effort to make it the best possible. We have adequate quality assurance systems and baking methods to ensure that the cakes are safe. In addition, highest possible hygienic benchmarks are maintained with each cake that we bake.

Eggless Chocolate & Vannila Cake Premix

No matter what your occasions are and what type of a custom order that you have, we will deliver the cake within the stipulated time. Timely deliverance is a part of our customer satisfaction mantra and we never fail to do that. It is the support of our clients and consumers that make us work even harder to create succulent marvels of edible artistry known as our cakes.

Welcome to Love You ❤️ Cakes, where edible artistry has beautiful stories to tell!